31. Tiny Habits Big Results

What do you really, really want in life? Have you thought about it? What if I told you that you could have all of that and more! The small shifts we make in our lives can sometimes seem pointless or mundane, but it’s typically where we see lasting change and amazing results! In this episode I discuss why we fight our dreams, the best way to make them a reality, and I give examples of some of the habits I’m working on.

30. Perfection vs Excellence part 2

Perfectionism seduces you into believing that if everything’s perfect, my life will be perfect. But that’s a lie. Perfectionism feeds off of fear and would rather keep you stuck where you think you’re safe. In part 2, I talk about striving for excellence, what excellence is, why it’s a better attribute to focus on, and how to know when your focus is perfection or excellence. If you’re a recovering perfectionist like me, you don’t want to miss this episode.

29. Perfection vs Excellence part 1

What keeps you playing small and not reaching your goals? Is it possible that you have a perfectionistic tendency? In this episode, I talk about what perfectionism looks like, how it was holding me back, where I think I developed a perfectionistic mindset and I give the first step in striving for excellence instead of perfection.

28. Like a Queen

Are you ready to stop settling for less? A queen rules with stylish confidence and assertive authority. She knows her worth as a person and value to others. You are a queen! How you see yourself and how you rule your life matters. Today I discuss qualities that a queen has and ways you can start showing up for yourself and others in a royal way.

27. Living the Dream

Did you know that you have a relationship with your life? You have a relationship with every person and everything. Your home, your neighborhood, your body and it has nothing to do with where you live, who you associate with, and what you look like. Find out how to embrace your life and everything in it without a single thing changing. You can start living the dream today!

26. Respect

Please, thank you, you’re welcome. These are all phrases we are taught to use when we’re kids to show respect to who we’re talking to. I found a lot of different opinions on why we show respect. Treating people with kindness regardless of who they are and because it’s the civilized thing to do are a couple. However, I found one opinion that I loved most!
Find out what that was and why practicing self-respect will boost your ability to respect others.

25. Adult vs Toddler

I’m going to guess you’ve all be either victim of or witness to a toddlers tantrum. It can taxing and relentless depending on how stubborn the toddler is. We all have toddlers living in our brain. I refer to adult brain and toddler brain a lot and today I introduce you to them more in depth and begin to discuss their purposes. I’ve also sprinkled in a couple examples from my own life to make the concepts come to life.

22. Self Care

What’s the biggest thing that keeps you from taking care of yourself? Time? Money? Others? Whatever the barriers are, it’s getting in the way of you feeling your very best and accomplishing from the very best of you. Join me as I share why self-care is important and some tips and tricks on how to combat your barriers.