Ready to lose weight for the last time? Whether it’s the last 10 pounds or over 100 that you want to free off your body, I’ve got you!

For three decades I struggled with overeating before I got really curious about why I was on the continual lose-gain-lose-gain weight train.  Curiosity paid off!  Through training and my own trial and error, I’ve developed a program that solves the problem. I know it works because I’ve lost over 100 pounds!

Don’t know what works? – solved! 

*Emotional overeating – solved!

The ThInner Love program will teach you how to look at weight-loss with fresh eyes. 

At the end of 3 months, you’ll have:

Changed how you think about yourself & your body

Powerful tools that help you tackle the demons of emotional eating

Developed a protocol more suitable for your body

No more:

White-knuckling it

Feeling hungry all the time

Missing out on special occasions


feel at peace around food

*Emotional overeating- sadness, anxiety, boredom, stress, etc.